Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Worried About Our Bijou

It's been way too long since we were here blogging. Lots has happened too. Cornie the nasty property manager is finally gone from our lives. Meowmy had an accident in April 2017 from a fall that resulted in her falling straight back onto her head on the cement floor. She has come along way, but still has some side effects from that.

And yesterday, June 20/17, while Meowmy was giving Bijou the Sugar Rub on her chest and tummy, felt something not right. One of Bijou's nipple is protruding. kinda scare to take a really close look. Bijou will be going into the vet to have it checked out next Wednesday morning unless something changes and she has to go in earlier.

Also, this coming Sunday, June 25th will be Bijou's 11th Gotcha Day.  She was born on a farm up the road from us on April 21/07 and came to live wif us on her Gotcha Day..never had babies and was spayed when she was nine months old.

Here is a picture of Bijou when she was a baby and come to live wif Buddy and me, Friday

She still had her blue eyes here

First furmily picture of the three of us

She was walking like the boss already, MOL!!

To say that Meowmy is upset, scared would be putting it mildly. So to help us furkids keep Meowmy busy and her mind occupied, we figured we would send her here everyday to write about Bijou, memories and stuff and photos....and to write about alla us too.

Keep an eye out fur our posts

and pawese say a prayer fur our Bijou


  1. We are purring hard too...from Heaven and from Earth our purrs and pawyers are with you.

    Pipo & Angel Minko

  2. Purring for you sweet Bijou and your mama.

  3. sending purrs and prayers that all is ok. Poor Mama falling like that, hitting your head is nothing to mess with. Hoping you are ok! catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. I am adding Bijou to my prayer list.