Friday, June 23, 2017

Mr. Sunshine Pawese Stay Awhile

We all had an awesome nights rest...I stayed beside Meowmy and slept all last evening, got up fur a short while and den when it was offically bedtime, found my spot, and settled in.

Had Meowmy laugh a little as I jumped on the bed and went towards Bailey she gave a little, "no" purr meow sound, and moved outta my way! All I was trying to say was Good Night to her!! Its the same fing all the time, they all think I want to hurt them and I don't.

So after Bailey got scared and moved away, I turned to go to the other side of the bed, settled down and slept there the rest of the night.

This morning we had our nummies and then I went into the living room and hopped up on the table to get some vitamin D...Mr Sunshine was out!!! Whoot!!! I love Mr. Sunshine and he's been hiding alot lately.

Meowmy figured it was a good time fur a photo shoot, so here I am on location!!

Meowmy loves how my whiskars curl up too, and can you see I have multi coloured eyes, nothing plain about this Princess!

was gonna get a hair cut, but don't fink so...I am too beautiful in all my glorius fur