Monday, July 25, 2016

It's been too long again since we last posted and some stuff has changed.

Namely we are out of Unitedcats. That place turned out to be a horrible site. We were there for four months and helped bring in other Catster members and now feel bad...but each must learn and make their own choices.

At the end, someone was playing around wif our diaries, changing words, scrubbing stuff out and taking the entries right off and then we said something and pop, they were back up. We took screen shots of all this too, for documentation. Only a moderator has that sort of right to go in behind the scenes and do stuff like this and we know it was them.  So, we are out of there and I have to say, there is a real nut case running loose on that site...nuff said bout dat purrlace.

We moved on and are joined up wif tons of Catster members over at Here Kitty

I tell you, I was a scared little boy when I first went into dat purrlace, but after I shouted fur help, I was lost, MOL!!! Miss Macy came and helped me!!

Me and mai sisfurs and even Buddy, we all have our diaries back up and running on this site and its called by the names we had for them on Catster..except for Buddy's, that one was changed.  Heck we can even copy and paste diary entries into this other site.

I just need to be able to connect with other Catster members and this is the site!!  Its way different then Catster, and that 's ok..but it has our groups from Catster,,saw the Late Late Show, Rainbow Bridge, BOCU, oh there are tons of stuff there.. and only gonna gets better as time goes on.

Den we have Furiendly Pets:

This site is awesome pawsome!! There we can decorate our pages just like at Catster, but has codes already built in, all you need to do is have the photobucket links...banner posting is a little different, but once you learn, its super easy...and the owner is there, and does live one on one help, along with another admin.  There is groups on the site too

Then we have this...mine and my sisfurs blog!! We have always loved to blog and need to do this more..and I want to learn to decorate my pages up here all fancy smancy too, MOL!!

Going to be getting into this very soon...anyone wants to help me learn, pawese let us know, Fank you furry much

Till later, doodman's and doodettes, MOL

Your pals, Friday, Bijou, Bailey and Neiko


  1. dood...blogger iz knot two hard ta lurn once ya haz been heer a bit...if ya knead sum help let uz noe; we iz knot eggz pertz any any meenz but we can try !! ☺☺☺

  2. If this not tech lady can help us by being our petcretary then your Mom can do it too!! Learning happens as you go, and if you check out the Lone Star Cats they are truly helpful if you need assistance.

    Blogging is fun! Its like an on going dairy!

    1. This is the URL to our latest version of our blog, we are combined into a three in one, MOL!( Which means Dog-guy lives there with is...)