Friday, November 13, 2015

One of My Best Furiends and A Catster Legend Has Journeyed to The Bridge

My furiend, Platelicker (Platey) went to Rainbow Bridge on Nov. 11, Remembrance Day. A furiend to all.

He made us laugh and smile, and now we cry and mourn.

I'll never look at a red feffer boa quite the same way again, *wipes away the tears from his eyes*

Or when someone is picking the strings of their geetar, I'll be thinking of you, Platey, who loved to play us all some nifty songs on his back porch as we picked fly legs outta our teef, and laffed  and hooted and danced our hearts out. Some real good hoe downs happend on that back porch of his.

Now I'll be listening really close to hear you play your geetar in the heavenly choir up on yonder Bridge.

Oh Platey, I'm gonna miss you!! Save me a seat, I'll be up there later, not just yet..... some fings fur me to still do here.  You take your rest, you've earned it my furiend.

The Crown of Life is yours, you've overcome and conquered so much. Rest well my furiend, rest well.

I'll be keeping your MC in my thoughts and prayers. She will be missing and mourning you the most.

Come visit us when you have a chance.

Love you forever and ever and your memory I'll keep.  Forever your furiend, Friday

Just a couple of pictures I made in sweet remembrance of Platelicker

The hardest memorial picture I have ever brought a smile to his MC's heart ~ Debbie said that's her Platey awwrite.

Platelicker May 4, 2006 - Nov. 11, 2015 
A precious life well lived, deeply loved  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Well, it's Friday already, MOL!! where did the week go???? It's been furry windy and cold outside. Good fing I don't go out.

Meowm was home today, so I says to her, "hey I fink I needs to make a new background" So dat's what I did!!

I loves to make picshurs fur my furiends, but dat sad ones of when dey go to the Bridge, I try really hard and make dem really nice. Never thought I would be an Angel wing maker, but I has been making lots and working hard and learning as I go.

So anyways, here is the background I made today. I put a watermark on it, so its mine :)  I will be adding more elements to it each time I use it, making it different and unique.
Whatch fink of it???

Monday, October 12, 2015

It was Buddy's 18th Gotcha Day/Birthday yesterday. Back in the early days it was called an anniversary, but we like Gotcha much better.

We haven't been on our blog very much this year and that's kind of not good. So many wonnerfur fings happening and memories being made.

We have been patient wif Catster, but I fink we are at the end of our rope and no more room for knots, so Meowm says we staying here. Lots to write about and share  right here!!

Yesterday it was magical we gots on Catster. A furiend, Tundra and her furmily made dis bewtifur keepsake pictshur for Buddy.

We are gonna be adding lotza pictures and stuff, and needs to learn lotza stuff here, so purrlease be patient and if you can, help us out too.

Well, dats it fur now, going to go and see if we can add dis pictshur to Buddy's page here too.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My 10th Gotcha Day!!!

My 10th Gotcha Day was yesterday. Meowm was thinking about that day and wondering where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday she found me, screaming my little head off and starving, because I really was hungry and had a cigarette burn on the top of my little head. Some people down the all had me for a week, only gave me milk, so I was really really hungry!

Meowm found me in the hall on Good Friday and dats how I come by my name!! She had to give me back to those bad people but she came back for me Easter Sunday!! And the rest as they say, is history!!

I was a cute little monkey

There are other pictures of me as a baby, just have to dig them out, another posting I will.

I got some tuna as a treat and pictures taken. Meowm moved stuff around the living room so now I am back in the rocking chair I once claimed as my own, years ago!! That means I am spending more time in the living room wif Meowm and not in my basket on the kitchen table. Hey this is kind of nice for a change, if I do say so myself

Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Burfday to ME!!! Ten Years Old Already!!!

I had a wonderful birthday this past Saturday, Feb. 21/15.  I'm ten years old now. Already!!! Where does dat time go??

Started the day off wif Meowm opening her eyes and seeing me laying der, looking right at her. I gave her a little wink wif my left eye, too. She reached over and patted my head and said, "Happy Birthday Friday!!". OH BOY!!

We all got up and headed into dat kitchen fur breakkie.  After dat out came the gift bag. It was a beeg bag. too, MOL!!!  Meowm had her phone set up fur video and was taping dis. Handing my gifts to me.  Of course, dem sisfurs of mine had to get into dat action.  Checking out my loot and being a part of my movie memory making day, MOL!!!

My furiends from Florida sent me an apple and a banana Yeowww cat nip toy. Was I ever catcited!! I always wanted one of dem bananas!! And an apple too!! WOWZERS!!

Bailey checking out dat new banana catnip Yeowwww toy

So catcitied about my new apple catnip Yeowwww toy

I got a bewtifur hand crochet blankie. It's not a HL blankie, but I fink it's better and so much more lovely. It only cost Meowm $5.00 fur dis blankie and it measure 40x42 inches or so!! An elderly lady makes these and the proceeds go to missions.  Can't even buy the yarn fur dis price. It's a keep sake one. Meowm crocheted one fur Buddy years ago and she's finking about doing us all one too. Mine is put away, It only comes out when I has to go somewhere, dat way dem gurls don't snug it wif their claws (me neither, MOL)
making biskicks

WOW!!! dis is mine??? Bewtifur!!

Meowm also bought me, "GULP" coat!! can you belieeesss dat one!!! MOL!!! She said it was da cat's meow when she saw it and thought I would love to have this since lots of my innernet furiends likes to dress up!!! Well, let's just say, the look in my eyes and da way I wouldn't move told her I don't like it and to take it back!!  She figures I needs it in case I has to go out in dat winter to dat V*T$ purrlace!! ~ Well, den fur sure take it back right now!! I not go to dat purrlace ever again!! You take dis here coat right back where you gots it furm, MOL!!!

Meowm also made me a beeg bunny kicker. Neiko really liked it and showed us how to use it at our pawty!!! She sure had fun wif it.
Oh dis smells wonnerfur and its super soft too

All in all, it was a pretty memorial day. Thank goodness Meowm took pictures as well, since the videos won't play on the puter!! something is not working right on Media Player. When the puter goes in fur a tune up this has to be addressed!!! Us kibbies need our movies preserved!!

Meowm is kind of sad to see me in the double digits now, but also so happy and proud I am still here wif her. She says she is truly blessed to have alla us furbabies in her life, and know what?? I agress wif her ~ we are all blessed to have each ofur ~ may not have money, but there is always food and all of our needs met ~ and in the end, it's all about the love.  What a pawsome life I have been able to have for the last 10 years, let's hear it for another 10 years at least!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Little Dis and a Little Dat ~ Oh and Meowm's Great Mews, Too!!!

February is a hard month fur our Meowm. So many dates, some good, some very sad.  We don't caterbrate Valentine's...our Grandfather passed away a day before it.

It may be cold and blowing snow out dis week, but it sure be a wonnerfur week fur our Meowm.  Last Sunday her niece, who lives in Michigan, got a hold of Meowm.  Now her niece, Ashley, an adult and meowm hasn't seen her or her brother in about twenty years or so. Things happen in families, and her mom moved them away when she met an American and married him.  Meowm has been so happy. It will take time, as it should, to get to know each other. She sure is a beauty. So much has already happend to Ashley in her young life ~ Non - Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was a teen and her boyfriend was killed by gunfire. Wrong place, wrong time. She's a tiny thing, but a real go get her!!! Works hard and going to college. Hopefully we can meet her some day soon in person.

Anyway, enough of dat!!! Onto US kibbies, MOL!!!! we's da most important to Meowm, paws down, MOL!!!

We're getting ready fur my birfday!! I will be 10 years old on the 21st.  There's a bag of goodies I see up in the closest and a box came fur little ol' me!!! Meowm said I has to wait till my birday to open it
Dis is mine???

Hmmmmm.....wonner what's in it..Waht, I has to wait????

Den on Friday, Meowm went shopping fur some supplies and came home wif anfur gift, She said, "Here Friday, let's try this on you". Well, I not sure what dat find is, but its beeg and brown and she was trying to put it on me!! I cried out and she let me go, MOL!!! (wink) I fink it's a coat, not sure why she bought dat!! she can just take it back!! I no go outside. She figures if I ever has to go to dat v*t@ purrlace den I can be nice and warm, PFFTTTT!!! I not going dat purrlace!!! Just take it back, Meowm!!!

We got an idea off dat internet, to make our own homemade water fountain.  Alla us kibbies need to drink more water, right???  Well, Meowm saw dis picture and went *smack forehead* WHY DIDN"T I THINK OF THIS????

It's a water fountain!!! Using an aquarium filter!! Much cheaper than the ceramic and stainless steel ones, and the design possibilities are endless!! So When Meowm gets to a Walmart, she is picking one of dis here filters and checking out different bowls and such.  Might even dcorate it wif some nice colored stones.  Our Buddy had an aquarium once and he used  to stand up and put his paw where dat water comes flowing out and fill his paw and drink dat water, MOL!!!

We're having trouble still wif Catster, getting 503 errors and we have no time to keep trying, so feeling kind of bad missing so much there.  The good news?? the site is still being worked  and hopefully it will be moved to its new plateform by May...we will continue to blog here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Love My Basket

There is nothing quite like my basket.  I practically live in it, MOL!!! Meowm brought it home a few months ago, dropped it on the table and walked away.  When she came back into the room, there I was, happly laying in it.  Wow, what a nice gift to have and it's all mine, MOL!!.

I have gotten kind of upset wif Meowm if she tries to move it, I finally have something that is nice, comfy, high up and relaxing.

Neiko has been known to hop into it when I have gone for a little stroll in the house, MOL  by the looks of fings, she's enjoying it too

I also have a nice wicker basket that was PaPa Buddy's and laid in it for a long time, too

Bailey is checking out PaPa Buddy's basket too ~ it's nice and beeg and comfy

There's just nofing like a wicker basket, especially on a cool winter day.  Get into one, snuggle down wif some nice comfy blankies and has a snooze!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's Been TOOO Long ~ Working Hard At The New Business

Holy Whooozers!! It's been way too long since we've last been on our blog.  It was a busy autumn.  Then one day while experimenting with some material and batting, it all finally came together ~ it only took about a year for the product to finally meet Meowm's  expectations.  After lots of trial and error we finally had a product we were happy with to make and sell.

The product is a Catnip Mat.  I know there are lots on the market, but ours is bigger, safer (no dangly tassels and such) and made with lots of love.

We made a page on Facebook to promote and sell some.  Went over very well for Christmas gifts.  Everyone came back and said it is a well made product and they are all very happy with it.

Our only problem right now is trying to find a site so others who are not on Facebook can see the items and order if they like.  We're small and just starting out, so really don't want to have to pay lots for a site.  We're thinking of trying to do one on Blogger and that way everyone can hopefully see it???  We should be able to have a Paypal link or button where peeps can go to pay for the items.

We want to be able to have a few pages too:  One that tells the story as to why we created the store (based on Friday and his needs), another page with pictures of different materials to choose from for the mats, another page for maybe some human gifts, like coasters and table runners, oh yes and we need  to have our soft cuddly toys on there too.

Lots to learn and do and we are determined little kibbies too, MOL!!

Here are a couple of pictures of what we made, along with happy customers!!

This particular one is a custome made order!!  We have done two custom orders, one for doggie snooze sacks, too, MOL!!

Hopefully we will be able to get our online store up and running not just on Facebbook but where others can come and have a look and see.   We have a great name too ~ Pawsitively Pawsome Creations.