Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Love My Basket

There is nothing quite like my basket.  I practically live in it, MOL!!! Meowm brought it home a few months ago, dropped it on the table and walked away.  When she came back into the room, there I was, happly laying in it.  Wow, what a nice gift to have and it's all mine, MOL!!.

I have gotten kind of upset wif Meowm if she tries to move it, I finally have something that is nice, comfy, high up and relaxing.

Neiko has been known to hop into it when I have gone for a little stroll in the house, MOL  by the looks of fings, she's enjoying it too

I also have a nice wicker basket that was PaPa Buddy's and laid in it for a long time, too

Bailey is checking out PaPa Buddy's basket too ~ it's nice and beeg and comfy

There's just nofing like a wicker basket, especially on a cool winter day.  Get into one, snuggle down wif some nice comfy blankies and has a snooze!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's Been TOOO Long ~ Working Hard At The New Business

Holy Whooozers!! It's been way too long since we've last been on our blog.  It was a busy autumn.  Then one day while experimenting with some material and batting, it all finally came together ~ it only took about a year for the product to finally meet Meowm's  expectations.  After lots of trial and error we finally had a product we were happy with to make and sell.

The product is a Catnip Mat.  I know there are lots on the market, but ours is bigger, safer (no dangly tassels and such) and made with lots of love.

We made a page on Facebook to promote and sell some.  Went over very well for Christmas gifts.  Everyone came back and said it is a well made product and they are all very happy with it.

Our only problem right now is trying to find a site so others who are not on Facebook can see the items and order if they like.  We're small and just starting out, so really don't want to have to pay lots for a site.  We're thinking of trying to do one on Blogger and that way everyone can hopefully see it???  We should be able to have a Paypal link or button where peeps can go to pay for the items.

We want to be able to have a few pages too:  One that tells the story as to why we created the store (based on Friday and his needs), another page with pictures of different materials to choose from for the mats, another page for maybe some human gifts, like coasters and table runners, oh yes and we need  to have our soft cuddly toys on there too.

Lots to learn and do and we are determined little kibbies too, MOL!!

Here are a couple of pictures of what we made, along with happy customers!!

This particular one is a custome made order!!  We have done two custom orders, one for doggie snooze sacks, too, MOL!!

Hopefully we will be able to get our online store up and running not just on Facebbook but where others can come and have a look and see.   We have a great name too ~ Pawsitively Pawsome Creations.