Buddy ~ The One Who Started It All

Our blog would be so incomplete if we did not add Buddy to it.  You see, Buddy was Meowmy's furry furst kibbie, the one who started this magnificent dynasty that is our furmily.

Buddy was adopted from the Winnipeg Humane Society on Oct.8/97.  The vet figured he was between six and eight years old at the time.  He lived alone wif Meowmy until Friday came along, on Good Friday, March 25, 2005.  It was love at first sight for Buddy.

Meowmy will never ever forget the look on his face as Buddy heard the little meow from Friday.  Buddy got so catcitied!! Friday was placed on the floor and Buddy took to him right away.  Playing, and washing and snuggling with him.

Buddy was a very gentle soul.  He loved meeting people, enjoyed having company over.  If he could, Buddy would have taken your coat at the door and brought to a seat in the kitchen or living room, offering you a refreshing beverage of your choice.

Buddy was Meowm's lap kitty.  Friday and then Bijou who came to live with us in the early summer of 2006 never were lap kitties.  He gave kissies, little love nips and watched over his furmily with love, you could see it in his eyes.

Sadly, Buddy was called to Rainbow Bridge on Nov. 17/08.  It broke Meowmy's heart and left Friday very confused.  All of us mourned for Buddy.

Buddy will never ever be forgotten!!  Buddy has a place of promenience.  Meowmy still mentions him to us, so we never forget our Papa!!  There are two girls who are Buddy's granddaughters.  They never had the privilege of meeting him, but we know Buddy has come fur visits and watches over all of us.  He lived a wonderful life, full of love and joy.  And he gave it back to us much more than we ever could to him.  Buddy was between 17 and 19.  God blessed Buddy with long life!!  And Meowmy with the most beautiful gift ~ Buddy himself!!

There was a blog Buddy started in the Spring of 2007.  Some circumstances happend and we never got to use it too much.  With the passage of time emails and password have been changed.  But we are leaving a link to the first blog started by Buddy.



  1. Crikey ...... what a beautiful way to remember Buddy. You're VERY clever and learning VERY fast. Now Mum wants to add a page for our Harri and Lucy. She'll take years to work out how to do that. What a beautiful bloke Buddy was, aye????

    1. fank you Charlie ~ dis is how we did it: go to your dashboard (https://blogger.com/home) and then click the down-pointing arrow next to the pages symbol. Choose layout. choose add a gadget on anyone of the add gadget links. A box opens to the left, in that box, scroll down to page and click on that then a box opens so you can name it and after all that you can put that gadget where ever you want on your page, I also chose to make a home button beside it, done at the page choosing just above mentioned. Its really easy, if I can do it, you can too. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will try to help you in any way I can

    2. I must say though, the Angel picture was made by a furiend, we are not wing makers, wish we were!! other pictures in frames we do :)

  2. He was handsome fur sure!
    The opposite of meowmy's furst kitty, Groucho, who was not furendly and certainly wanted nothing to do with visitors. He too had to go to the RB at about 18 or 19. He was a lover boy with meowmy & Pawppy though...and a good grandpa fur Simba, and later Toki & Suki. Sheesh all of these kitties are angels now...

    1. Our angel kitties are all in Catsterland from whence we came...

    2. Catsterland is wonnerfur and grand, a purrlace of healing when we loose loved ones. And a fun purrlace fur us too, MOL!! Meowmy wanted all of us togefur somehow here and to acknowledge Buddy's earlier attempt at blogging, thru blogging that is how we found Catster :)

  3. I had a brofur named Buddy too that I never got to know. Tales passed down from Tigger and Bob about how wonnerful Buddy was. He loved all animals and people. He was a special kitty!