Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's been a really nice week.  Finally our summer back, it went MIA for most of September.  Anyways we can have the windows open again.  It's so pretty outside.  There's also a distinctive odor in the air ~ the kind that says it's AUTUMN!!

Meowm's been busy wif da canning and cleaning the yard.  She brought in a whole bunch of carrots last evening.  HMMMM....wonder if they are any good to purrlay wif???

I decided it was time to decorate my page at Catsterland.  There is so much to learn there about css and stuff.  Hopefully Meowm will let me have some time in the very near future to go and read up and learn so I can make awesome backgrounds!! I've been collecting the free digital scrapbook papers, elements and frames ~ to make our memory books from and also to decorate wif.

This is what I came up wif fur my header today ~ now it looks kind of funny at the top, on account I had to keep playing and resizing it to try and fit properly...what a racket that was!! lots of redoing my work too!

I have some Happy Thanksgiving wording in the background, since our Thanksgiving is in a few weeks.  I have a whole bunch of neat stuff for Halloween.  So I'm going to start to get that ready too ~ the girls need to get decorated too.  It's just really time consuming.  A furiend gave us a css code and its good, but there are all kinds out there and I am determined to learn how to decorate my pages to the max!! MOL!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We haven't been around much.  Lots to do, getting ready for winter.  Helping Meowm wif the canning and freezing.  Dis way she has more money to spend on our stuff we kibbies need.  Next week or so Meowm is going shopping and picking up like three boxes of litter, at least thirty cans of food for the girls.  I eat the special stuff from the vets office.  No more Temptation treats once again for the girls.  Read where some kibbies have died from them once again.  We are out of them at the moment and the girls are getting Purina Cat Chow as treats, MOL!!!! they don't even notice the difference.  We thought for sure Neiko would, but she likes this!! So this will be their treats from now on.

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  I'm in costume, but the girls aren't.  There is always next year.  We have downloaded the Gimp program.  Had it years ago on the old puter.  Also found a site for digital scrapbooking that uses the Gimp program, so got a lot of information from that site downloaded to read at home, as we don't have the net at home, and can play around with the Gimp program at our leisure.

Meowm knows how much I love to make pictures and I want to start doing some pawsome stuff with digital scrapbooking.  I want to make memory keepsake books for our Meowm.

Here is the link to the site ~ check it out!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's been raining, cold and drizzly. Our house is cold, too!! Had to get me blankie out. Neiko really loves her new snug a bug bed she got fur Her Burfday. Catster is being worked on. I was finally able to decorate my page there ~ and guess what???? I used this beeg long css code Mugsy sent me wif some instructions. Played around wif some online scrapbooking papers I found. Got a cute background, colored center piece and I even managed to make my furry first banner. Its not the best, but hey, its a start and now I don't feel so silly and being left out!! Here, I will put a copy of what it looks like, hopefully this will work, MOL!!

I have to figure out how to make it bigger so it looks like it fits better, MOL!!

and dis is my page and how it looks decorated up ~ still lots to learn!! but like I said, its a start!

Nofing else is new, wish the cold and rain would go away

Thursday, August 21, 2014

OHH We Got An Award!!!

Our wonnerfur furiends, WeBeesSiameezers has nominated us fur our furry first award, how kewl!!

Let's see if I snagged it right ~ yes it worked!!  Thank you so much Pipo and Minko!!

Now we have to nominate 10  other bloggers and then post a video of a song we like.  Not sure how many of the few bloggers we know we can nominate, but we will try our furry best!!  Ok, and now we are gonna learn sumfin new here too, adding a video!!

It's a Johnny Reid video. Meowmy loves his music, please check out all his videos  Meowm loves him.  He is from Scotland but has lived in Canada for a number of years.  We have listen to this song lots, and I have danced wif Meowmy lots to this song!! This song has it all!!  Hope you enjoy it!!

Now to nominate 10 bloggers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Now I hope this works, MOL!! If you have been nominated, please don't feel obligated to take part, or in a hurry to do so. This is all for fun.

It's Neiko's 4th Burfday

OMC!!! it's my Burfday today!! We looked at the calender last night and was shurprised to see the date ~ Meowmy had it all under control!!

 Dis morning  I got sung to, "Happy Birthday to you, I love you Miss Neiko, Happy Birthday to you, and many more for you", MOL!! Den a kiss on the forehead.  And den prezzies came out and dat camera.

Bailey hopped up and halped me out.  We are da best of pals!! Friday, Bijou and Bailey gave me dat snug a bug bed and the toys, and Meowmy gave me da food fur gifts.

After picture taking, we had breakkie and I shared dat Cat's in The Kitchen pouch of delicious Pumpkin Lickin' Chicken, we all had some wif our soft food.  I am still running around, playing games wif Meowm on the food ~ I am getting pickie and want hard kibble, so in the end, I got some, MOL!!

Here is me in my new snug a bug bed
It's raining lots today, so a good day to snuggle up anyway!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bailey Was A Naughty Gurl Last Night; I'm a Daily Diary Pick Today

Oh oh, I was a naughty gurl last night ~ I ate a piece of tin foil bag, got it and swallowed it before Meowmy could get it furm me. Dis morning Meowm called dat vet and dey said I has to be watched. Hopefully I pass it, Meowm may have to look fur it. The scary part is, I ate the top part, the rough part, and dat may cause some bleeding inside of me. If that happens den I has to go in to get an anti biotic shot! Worse fing, I may stop eating, drinking and using mai potty, even throwing up, if that happens, I has to go right in!! Meowmy is scared!! She cried dis morning and said a prayer and told me I am in God's hands.

Den Meowmy got some sad mews in her personal life ~ not a good day at all :(

I went to Catsterland and went to the diary area and guess what???? I am in the roll call today!! Yay!! I'm a DDP today!! Mai pals, WeBeesSiameezers sent a great pawligram :) Meowmy made
me a pichsur fur mai memory book, too. Now dat helped put a smile on my Meowmy's face!!

We looked and looked and fur the life of us, we can't find the button to get rid of the robot thingy, can anyone tell us exactly what it looks like and what it says and what we should do to disable this fing???? Fanks alot!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Added A Page Fur Buddy Here

We've been working some on our blog, learning as we go!! Added a page for Buddy here, you will find it at the top.   Please visit Buddy's page when you can.

Also learned how to add and post the blogs we are following.  Really have to give a beeg shout out to our wonnerfur kind furiends, Travis, Crockett and Whitley fur the help they have provided.  Great link on the Lonestar Cat's blog ~ furry halpfur info found there, thanks guys!!

Next, we're gonna try to make a collage of the four of us  to put on da top of our page!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Having Fun Learning, Sharing and Meeting Furiends, Making Furiends, Too!!

Our furiend, Kibbles, mentioned a site called fotoflexer.  So naturally, as noisy kibbies, we had to have a lookie loo, MOL!!!

We're not the greatest artists and still learning how to do stuff, hey we're willing to learn, sumtimes it takes us a bit to catch on to stuff though.  Anyway wif some trial and error we came up wif some niffty picc's of us kibbies having fun dis summer.  The gurls headed off to Kildonan Park, in Winnipeg, while I stayed at home in da country.  We all had fun dis week.
I'm a real country boy, love my quad

Bijou having fun wif her soapbox car

Neiko had a blast and loves her tricycle,
 she needs her wagon to haul around her treats

Bailey has a new two wheeler,
she loves Hello Kitty

We're also trying to decorate our page here, purrlaying around wif buttons so if we do sumfing funny, member, we're new, MOL!!

We're also happy to make new furiends here and hopefully see old ones too!! Well, it's Caturday, time to go outside and purrlay, meow wif ya all later !

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hello and Welcome to Our Blog ~ The Life and Times of Just One Boy and His Three Sisfurs

Hi there.  My name is Friday.  I live wif my three sisfurs: Bijou, Bailey and Neiko.  Oh, yes and our Meowmy too!!   We've been thinking of having a blog fur awhile now, and well, I guess this is the beginnings of one, MOL!!! (means, MEOWING OUT LOUD, like we're laffing).

Once upon a time my Papa Buddy, he had a blog.  Changes happend in our life and we didn't use it. We can't access it, to do updates, but we want to add the link here, so you all can meet and see Buddy too ~ oh and by the way, Buddy will be making appearances on our blog once in awhile, too.  Buddy is an Angel at Rainbow Bridge, has been since 2008.  He is and always will be apart of this furmily.

Now let's see, I am nine years old and the only boy at home.  Meowmy really loves me lots.  She love alla us furbabies, MOL!!  We brighten her day and make life bearable for her.

Now this blog is new, so bear wif us kibbies as we learn to manouver and decorate our pages here!!  We've got lots of story's and adventures to share wif alla you, so please comment and come back to visit wif us again!!

Here, I will post some pictures of us furbabies so you can see what we look like:

dis is a famous picture of me.   Lot's of my furiends have seen this picture, they know it is me, Friday, in my HL hat ~ my furiend, Athena, she says I remind her of Frank Sinatra, O'l Blue Eyes himself, but mine are green, MOL!!

This is Bijou.  She is the Royal Princess, if you please!! in her younger days, she was really bossy.  Bijou is now 8 years old.  She loves Meowmy so much too ~ she really is quite bewtifur I will admitt

This is Bailey, she was born on the very day we moved into the house we now live.  She came to live with us 8 months after Buddy went to Heaven.  Bailey likes to sleep close to Meowmy, well, we all do!! But Bailey has her spot and that's that!!

And last, but not least is Neiko.  She is a gurl!! lots want to say he, on account of the moustache, but don't let that fool you.