Friday, June 30, 2017

I Am Home!!!

I came home from the vets yesterday afternoon!! I couldn't wait to get out of there, let me tell you. But when I was there, I was a very good girl. I never once said a meow..they told Meowmy I was way quiet and if they didn't know I was in the building they wouldn't have known I was there at all, that is how quiet I am!!! I am a pretty quiet girl, but I do like to talk to Meowmy and scream at the girls, just to get a reaction from them, MOL!!

ok, so this is what happened..On Wednesday I went in for an exam. The doctor felt me and thought it may be a cyst, so she took a cell sample and Meowmy went away for awhile, came back to find out the results and all clear from that slide.

It was decided I would stay in and have the lump (cyst) removed on Thursday morning, under a local and numb the area and after that get my hair done for the summer.

Meowmy thought they would send the cyst away for analyzes, but nope!! She didn't request it and they said it would cost alot of money and the cell slide was all clear to begin with.

The other vet (there are two awesome women there) did the procedure on me and she said it was easy to do. The cyst was about the size of a pea, maybe a bit smaller and popped right out. The stitches are all inside of me.

The vet was really surprised to hear Meowmy found the lump on me, considering all my long hair and how tiny the spot was. Meowmy asked the  vet if she had ever hear of the Sugar Rub and the foundation and the vet smiled and said yes she had!!! Way up here in a small town in Canada a young vet already knows all about the Sugar Rub!! Sugar has made such a huge impression and her mother promoting how important the checks are, too!!

So Meowmy told her thats how we found it. I was checked over all my nipples to make sure nothing else was felt and its all good!!

So pawese remember to do  the Sugar Rub!!!  Meowmy gently does it when I am realaxing, showing my tummy and half asleep.

here are some photos of me from last evening at home, wif my new summer hair do ~ I am hiding my boo boo mark from the camera...Meowmy has to keep an eye on the area for a bit

Mr. Sunshine came out to visit me after all the rain, it started right after I got in the house

Meowmy was shocked I jumped up on the Highboy, its a little away from the bed, but I love it up here, beside the open window

Whats dat noise???

Well, dats it fur now, but please make sure to check boys as well as girls, the Sugar Rub is furry important!!

Can't keep this Princess down, now what shall I do today???


  1. I am so glad you are doing so well,and that all is well, too! Phew!

    Take care, have a furbulous weekend, and...Happy Canada Day!

    Purrs & Hugs
    Pipo & Angel-MInko

    1. Thank you very much. It's been an emotional time. I just look at her and know angels were watching over her. Hope you did something for Canada Day and also have a lovely 4th of July

  2. sooo happy you are home and am even happier that all is ok!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. There are no words to tell you how gratified I am that Sugar Rub! helped your meowmy find your mammary tumor. Our pink angels are watching over you and we send you abundant purrs of healing energy. We would love to add you to our Pink Warrior Gallery, please ask your meowmy to send us a photo to

  4. Congrats! May you have a quick recovery and many good years being cancer free!

    Hugs - Jonie (I cannot change the "unknown" right now).