Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's Me, Miss Bijou's 11h Gotcha Day Today!!

Meowmy was all caticited dis morning, telling the ofur furs its mai spawcial day today!! Little precious me having a spawcial day!!!

It's a spawcial day for Meowmy and me ~  11 years ago she was at a furiends farm, looking over these four little kitties, three white ones with colourful markings on their little heads and then there was me!! the most colourful one and the leader of the pack!! My siblings were following me around and up and down the tree we went, and my Meowmy watched us and I captured her heart.

She wasn't in the market for another kitty, there were two orange boys at home and she thought that was more than enough.

But I captured her attention and her furiend really wanted to find homes for us, so Meowmy picked me!! and she named me right there on the spot too, Bijou, which is french for jewel.

I entered her heart that day, in small subtle ways and kept wiggling deeper into her heart until I was fully hers and she could never ever part with me again. I found a furever home with someone who would love me, care for me, keep me safe from all harm, brush me, put bird videos on fur me to watch, buy me favourite treats and let me rule the roost as I ruled her heart.

A couple of Catster furiends made me some keepsake pictures, which we always treasure and they are saved to make copies to go into my memorial book Meowmy will be working on. Each of us kitties will have our own.

This one is furm Manytoes, Rory and Tundra

This one is from Herbie and Callie Rose

We love both of these keepsake photos, they are just bewtifur

Last night Meowmy decided I needed some purrsonal entertainment so she put on the Cat Sitter dvd fur me and I was so catcitied!! I got up close to the tv to watch those birdies!! She made small movies about it and that is something else, we will be making lots of movies about alla us...Meowmy loves alla four of us and needs to make as many memories of each of us as she can

She also got out the ofur two carriers so Friday doesn't freak out when I am put into one on Wednesday morning and head out the door..the really big one Neiko is using as her girl cave and I am not sure which carrier I am using, but I have to go to the doctors so we are working on preparing me, Friday and Meowmy is trying to get positive here, but one day at a time is all we can ask for right now.


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Bijou!

    We are purring and pawyering for you to have positive news fro your vet.

    Pipo & Angel-Minko

  2. Happie Gotcha Day Sweet ♥Miss Bijou's♥
    Yur sush a furry Beauterfurr litta lady cat! I luvs ya bunches full! ♥Kally Kat♥ Angel *giggles*
    Mai Meowmy juss saw yur blog & theyah yew are!
    N'yoy ur day wiff mush luvs & huggs & kisses...
    I'll be bak again soon.
    Luvs, ♥Kally Kat♥ Angel

    1. Oh my wonnerfur furiend! Kally Kat!! I'm so glad you saw our blog! Thank you so much fur stopping by..we luvs you