Sunday, July 17, 2016

We're having such a nice summer, not too hot and dry. The gardens are looking pawsome, too. But the weather will be changing later this week to super duper hot!!, its gonna be a heatwave ~ yuckky!!...

So anyway, shortly us furkids will be adding stuff from our Catster days on a new page..and I guess on annifurseries of special moments we will post our special keepsake pictures and write about those days.

We're on three sites..but really enjoy two of them that if combined, would be Catster all over again!

We're still learning on each site too, but from what we have seen and done .... we rawlly enjoy both these site. and can't pick or choose which one we prefer over the other, because we can't and will be using both.

The first one is Untied Cats:

What we can do here: make diary entries and others can make comments, give gifts, there is COTW there, there is also United Dogs and kind of set up the same way as Catster in that area, groups, there are moderators who will help, Can send pmail and receive pmail,  can kind of decorate our pages..if you buy a Championship membership, there are backgrounds to choose from and can add those..I can decorate some of our pages with gifs, using the copy image address on a picture from the net and pasting that into a box. I have figured out how to add music to our page, but you have to click on the link to hear it. We make furiends on there... and .. uhmmm, let's see...I know I has lots to still learn on there, but Rome wasn't built in a day and over time I will learn more

On this site I have been able to decorate our pages just like Catster, same backgrounds used and even the banner..the center content you change the colour using a colour chart and changing the there I can't use any of the scrapbooking papers I used on Catster for the center content. And the codes are already premade, we just use our photobucket accounts and get the direct codes, so super easy. Yesterday I learned to rename the diary, but not sure if its a continuous diary, like we had on Catster, where we could look back and read..or if its just a litte something to write something special in there..only been there a few days sooo..lots to learn....there are groups there....and we can have photo albums on our pages...we make furiends on there too. When I learn more, I will paw about it and let you all know

But I also really want to start working in mai blog here!!! We are gonna learn how to decorate here too, so it could be interesting, MOL!

Anyways, until later...have a good day our wonnerfur furiends!! We love and appreciate each and everyone of you....Hugs, Friday, Bijou, Bailey and Neiko


  1. I am glad you found a place to move your Catster stuff too. I wasn't into blogging back then, but I have heard from others everything will be gone soon, it would be so awful to lose all that.

  2. takez a wee while ta get used ta stuff over heer; but everee onez all wayz soooper nice in helpin set up pages, postin stuff & all thoze kinda goodz.....hope yur mom now haz all yur stuff frum Catster off ther & ina safe place ~~~~ happee week a head ♥♥♥

    1. aww gee fanks you guys..that sure helps us feel better..anfur furiend may start to blog too..we wait to see ...we have off what is most important and that counts

  3. You have a really nice blog. I am glad we have a nice place to meet on Furiendly Pets, too. I also left the United site, not for me. So happy we are pals!

    1. Thank you, Romeo Beau ~ I love this stand alone blog and need to do more..I still have to mention in another blog about Unitedcats not being so great after all, especially after they started to play head games with me and fool around with my diary..I wouldn't recommend that place for any fur..but Furiendly Pets oh yes!!

  4. Yes, we love doing he blogging thing, cause we get to direct what is in there and how its done.
    We have joined into those other sites, but are not active there...not sure we will be either since we have so many good furends doing blogs like we do.

    Stay cool kitties and have fun!!