Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Neiko's 4th Burfday

OMC!!! it's my Burfday today!! We looked at the calender last night and was shurprised to see the date ~ Meowmy had it all under control!!

 Dis morning  I got sung to, "Happy Birthday to you, I love you Miss Neiko, Happy Birthday to you, and many more for you", MOL!! Den a kiss on the forehead.  And den prezzies came out and dat camera.

Bailey hopped up and halped me out.  We are da best of pals!! Friday, Bijou and Bailey gave me dat snug a bug bed and the toys, and Meowmy gave me da food fur gifts.

After picture taking, we had breakkie and I shared dat Cat's in The Kitchen pouch of delicious Pumpkin Lickin' Chicken, we all had some wif our soft food.  I am still running around, playing games wif Meowm on the food ~ I am getting pickie and want hard kibble, so in the end, I got some, MOL!!

Here is me in my new snug a bug bed
It's raining lots today, so a good day to snuggle up anyway!!


  1. fishes, happe day wishes & mice creem dishes two ewe two day ♫♫♫♫...a verree happee day two ewe N heerz ta 44 mor !!! ya getted sum way kewl gifts, haz fun & ENJOY N heerz ta de yeer a head bee in filled with happee nezz & health ...happee day two ewe ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. *Neiko clapping her paws in delight* ~ aww fank mew so musch Tabbies o Trout!! how pawsome!! fank you so much for stopping in and visiting with us

  2. Happy Birthday to YOU!!
    Happy Birthday Miss Neiko!

  3. Happy Birthday, Neiko!! Hope you had a supa dupa day. Sounds as if you did. You sure got some nice pressies, aye??

  4. Fank you all fur coming obur and caterbrating wif me and sending pawsome Burfday wishes. It was a nice Burfday!! I love my prezzies and that snug a bug bed is da best!! its tiny, made to fit me, MOL!!