Thursday, September 18, 2014

We haven't been around much.  Lots to do, getting ready for winter.  Helping Meowm wif the canning and freezing.  Dis way she has more money to spend on our stuff we kibbies need.  Next week or so Meowm is going shopping and picking up like three boxes of litter, at least thirty cans of food for the girls.  I eat the special stuff from the vets office.  No more Temptation treats once again for the girls.  Read where some kibbies have died from them once again.  We are out of them at the moment and the girls are getting Purina Cat Chow as treats, MOL!!!! they don't even notice the difference.  We thought for sure Neiko would, but she likes this!! So this will be their treats from now on.

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  I'm in costume, but the girls aren't.  There is always next year.  We have downloaded the Gimp program.  Had it years ago on the old puter.  Also found a site for digital scrapbooking that uses the Gimp program, so got a lot of information from that site downloaded to read at home, as we don't have the net at home, and can play around with the Gimp program at our leisure.

Meowm knows how much I love to make pictures and I want to start doing some pawsome stuff with digital scrapbooking.  I want to make memory keepsake books for our Meowm.

Here is the link to the site ~ check it out!!!


  1. You make a mighty fine pirate, I wish the girls had dressed up too.

  2. Thanks 15andmeowng, the girls will be in costume for next year and there is always Halloween ~ I would love to follow you, but not sure how to

  3. What a great pirate you look ta be! Arrgghhhh!