Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's been a really nice week.  Finally our summer back, it went MIA for most of September.  Anyways we can have the windows open again.  It's so pretty outside.  There's also a distinctive odor in the air ~ the kind that says it's AUTUMN!!

Meowm's been busy wif da canning and cleaning the yard.  She brought in a whole bunch of carrots last evening.  HMMMM....wonder if they are any good to purrlay wif???

I decided it was time to decorate my page at Catsterland.  There is so much to learn there about css and stuff.  Hopefully Meowm will let me have some time in the very near future to go and read up and learn so I can make awesome backgrounds!! I've been collecting the free digital scrapbook papers, elements and frames ~ to make our memory books from and also to decorate wif.

This is what I came up wif fur my header today ~ now it looks kind of funny at the top, on account I had to keep playing and resizing it to try and fit properly...what a racket that was!! lots of redoing my work too!

I have some Happy Thanksgiving wording in the background, since our Thanksgiving is in a few weeks.  I have a whole bunch of neat stuff for Halloween.  So I'm going to start to get that ready too ~ the girls need to get decorated too.  It's just really time consuming.  A furiend gave us a css code and its good, but there are all kinds out there and I am determined to learn how to decorate my pages to the max!! MOL!!


  1. Hi there! Good to hear from you again.

    That's a nice banner graphic!
    We haven't been able to do anything with that code stuff you sent a while busy the catretary says...sigh...well, you know how that goes!

    Enjoy your summery autumn afore it disappears!

  2. dood...nice ta see ewe on regular blogger; google plus iz hard ta follow N commint on..yur banner for your catster page iz awesum but pleez watch out for de vizshuz squirrelz this time oh year :) N tell yur meowm ta chex out imikimi sum time, her can mess with that stuff N make back groundz two !!

    heerz two a mooneye & mackerull kinda week oh end ♥