Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Love My Basket

There is nothing quite like my basket.  I practically live in it, MOL!!! Meowm brought it home a few months ago, dropped it on the table and walked away.  When she came back into the room, there I was, happly laying in it.  Wow, what a nice gift to have and it's all mine, MOL!!.

I have gotten kind of upset wif Meowm if she tries to move it, I finally have something that is nice, comfy, high up and relaxing.

Neiko has been known to hop into it when I have gone for a little stroll in the house, MOL  by the looks of fings, she's enjoying it too

I also have a nice wicker basket that was PaPa Buddy's and laid in it for a long time, too

Bailey is checking out PaPa Buddy's basket too ~ it's nice and beeg and comfy

There's just nofing like a wicker basket, especially on a cool winter day.  Get into one, snuggle down wif some nice comfy blankies and has a snooze!


  1. I love baskets, boxes and nests! Any place with a soft lining will do, MOL! You look comfy and cute too!