Saturday, July 8, 2017

Scary Morning for Friday and Meowmy

I'm not sure how to write this post. So I will just start from the beginning. Friday woke me up this morning 3:45, vomiting and diarreah. He actually waited for me to clean the box before he went. He urinated and had yucky poopies. He wouldn't come to bed. I just thought he had upset stomach.

Woke up at about 6:30 more vomit, but clear and he tried to poop again . I got breakfast ready for all of them, but he wasn't interested...first time in his entire life. He went back to the box trying to poop and made a noise like he was in pain and vomited in box too. I called my vet and got soft carrier ready. Picked him up, he was hissy at me.

Got to vets and it took awhile for sedation to work. Physical exam, ultra sound d and uretha cathetar all showed clear bladder. With his history this had to first be ruled out. Then x-rays were done.

It looked bad...saw this mass on his intestine..Dr. Liz was preparing me and said it could be one of three things...foreign body, intossception that's where the intestines go in on each other or it was cancer. She wanted to know how I wanted to proceed. I couldn't take him home like this, he would die a painful death. 

I told her I learned from when my brother was dying of cancer to make sure nothing was left undone or un regrets. To do surgery. If it was cancer, she would leave him under and I would go and have my time and say good bye to the most incredible mancat God ever made..

I prayed and gave Friday back to God. And then waited. The vet assistant, Kathy was awesome, stayed and talked with me. The vet student, an incredible guy, came out about 40 minutes later and waved me over...told me it was a foreign object and Friday will be fine. 

Dr. Liz came out after doing everything and making sure Friday was comfy. What happened was a blockage at the intersection of the small and large intestines. Looked like a hard clump of poop, but like poop should be found in that area. I have no idea if it's the Coop litter I bought and disliked..

I'll never know for sure..but Friday had major surgery..he may come home tomorrow, but we're thinking Monday. I have to make room in the bedroom for a quiet spot..working on this tonight. My precious Friday is alive but he needs lots of purrs and prayers ok...two surgeries in nine days for two cats...won't see the light of day for months paying off the vet bills, but I have the kitties and wouldn't change anything for them, I love them all so much


  1. That fur sure was way too scary. But what a blessing your beloved Friday will be OK.Good thing he got to the vet on time.
    Purrs and major POTP amd hige huigs being sent your way.
    Pipo & Angel-Minko

    1. Thank you so much. When it rains it pours here. Will be spending most of time with Friday when he gets home. No net at home but will update when I can.

  2. Crikey ..... that's no good at all. Poor dear Friday. I do hope he has a speedy recovery but I'm sure with you looking after him he will. What a shock he gave you and what a lovely Vet nurse to stay with you.

  3. I am glad this story has a happy ending. I will add Friday to my prayer list for a quick recovery.

  4. Thank Catness Friday iz home! Mum was furry scared ov yew litta man! Yooze be gud tew ur meowmy.
    Wishen da bestest ov health, happiness & luvs!
    ♥Kally Kat♥ Angel & Mommy Liz xoxoxo